Gourmet salt infusion made in Byron Bay with local produce. Truffle Himalayan Salt Infusion by Salted Cure is perfect as a meat rub, a gourmet gift, and to enhance the flavours of any meal.

Truffle Himalayan Salt Infusion


Truffle Himalayan Salt Infusion is perfect for Italian dishes. The flavours are subtle and smooth. Sprinkle on a fresh pasta and risotto dish.

Get creative with this one because you can use it on absolutely anything. These salts add flavour and volume whilst complementing and enhancing the ingredients of your meal.

Salted Cure’s products are an infusion of the finest quality produce. Made with organic herbs and spices. Free from artificial flavours and preservatives. 100% Australian made, vegan and gluten free. 

Salt Infusion Usage Suggestions

  • Use salt and oil on any meal upon serving/eating
  • Use salt and oil during the cooking process
  • Use salt and oil as a stock to create a base for a dish
  • Use salt and oil to build flavour and depth in flavour