Straight out of high-school I studied Business and got a degree in Accounting and Finance - YAY ME! My passion for food and flavour lay dormant, as I worked hard to become a Chartered Accountant and began climbing the infamous ladder. I got to my late twenties and I had to think hard about what I wanted for my future because I knew I was not going to find it where I was.
When I quit my job (thanks to my incredible boss at the time - what a damn legend he was), I really struggled with my self-worth and purpose. It took time to bounce back but in the meantime I got busy; completed more post grad studies, made some babies, actually enjoyed being a Mumma (I surprisingly really loved the stay at home mum gig - its the weekend everyday damn day minus the sleep in), moved state, coordinated a major reno aka delegated, went travelling for a year and came back to Australia to what we call the good life.
I love being healthy; I love cooking and experimenting with food; I love gathering people for celebrations; I love entertaining; I love travelling; I love learning; I love inspiring people to be a better version of themselves and I love hearing and finding solutions and I also really love a bit of indulgence and a nice drop or 2 of vino tinto.

My passion for flavour, delicious food and authenticity has resulted in an exotic range of salt, oil and bath infusions. 
​Salted Cure is my way of sharing my love of life, food, health and travel. 
Honest, real, healthy and authentic flavours made right here in Byron Bay, Australia. 

Why Salted Cure?
  • Exotic and unique flavour combinations
  • Extensive range of infusions with - 8 Celtic Salt Infusions, 8 Himalayan Salt Infusions, 8 Olive Oil Infusions and 4 Bath Salt Infusions
  • Natural flavour enhancer 
  • Makes cooking easier and better – takes the guesswork out of combining herbs and spices
  • Produce is sourced organically whenever possible
  • Australian owned and made
  • Free from preservatives, colourings, additives and chemicals
  • They are packed full of great flavour
  • Supports local businesses
  • Female owned and run
  • Made in Byron Bay
  • Trusted products
  • Supports sustainability in our environment

Oh and if you were wondering how I became such a well rounded individual (I am semi-kidding), journalling certainly helped in that aspect. Plus I ABSOLUTELY cherish my time to unapologetically express myself. So from my heart to yours, I created a FREE 7 day 'Journaling for the Soul' course.
Check it out; it might be a little piece of the puzzle that is missing for you.  
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